G7 Nations Commit Russian Energy Import Ban

A virtual meeting of G7 leaders with Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy on May 8th pledged to phase out energy imports from Russia.

G7 leaders assured Zelenskyy that they would fully support Ukraine to guard its sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as to fight for peace, prosperity, and future democracy. G7 commits to assist Ukraine in multiple ways, including $24 billion in aid from the U.S., military aid to the Ukrainian Army forces, cyber-security protection of the Ukrainian internet, and safety in the economy, information and energy sectors.

The U.S. also announced a new round of sanctions against Russia, including permitting no western advertisements on three Russian state-run TV stations, disallowing American accountants and consulting firms to serve Russians, forbidding the export of wood products, industrial engines, and other devices that may benefit Russian forces; as well as restricting visas to military and financial officials in Belarus and Russia.

The G7 group also denounced the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine and assault on Ukrainian civilians, stating “Russia has violated the international rules-based order, particularly the UN Charter.” Leaders of G7 believe that the actions of Putin “bring shame on Russia and the historic sacrifices of its people.” On May 8th, the Ukrainian ambassador to the US said in a media interview that they knew Moscow had no bottom line, and they would prepare everything possible on the battlefield.

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