Acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Returns to Kyiv

According to Taiwan media, on May 8th, the Victory Day of WWII in Europe, Kristina A. Kvien, Chargé d’affaires of the US Embassy in Ukraine, returned to Kyiv, the first of such return since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

State Department spokesman Ned Price stated that Secretary of State Blinken held a meeting with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba on May 8th. Blinken informed Kuleba that a diplomatic team led by Kristina A. Kvien would launch a diplomatic visit to Kyiv before resuming embassy operations.

The team is also the first US delegation other than Blinken and Defense Secretary Austin to visit Kyiv since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In mid-February, the US reportedly closed its embassy in Kyiv, transferring diplomatic officials to Lviv in western Ukraine. US diplomats have also ceased consular services in Lviv since Russia’s invasion on Feb 24th.

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