Xi Jinping Will Definitely Attack Taiwan, Taking Down the CCP Cannot Be Done by Delusions

Miles Guo said in a live broadcast on May 8th that the reason for spreading and listening to rumors that something has happened to Xi Jinping is because Chinese people like to fantasize. The power that Xi Jinping currently wields is so great that he will definitely start a war to attack Taiwan.

Long before the Russia-Ukraine war, Miles was the first whistleblower to tell the world that Russia would attack Ukraine and lose badly, and that the US and European countries would step in until Russia disintegrated. Because Miles Guo always had many “means” to support these things, he never guessed and was not influenced by anyone.

President Zelenskyy has pried the world apart in his own way, and it is his steadfastness in Kyiv that has brought Ukraine to where it is today.

Miles believes that the fact that US Speaker of the House Pelosi will definitely visit Taiwan before June 30th does not affect Xi’s timetable for attacking Taiwan, and there will be no dramatic change in the international situation above. The Shanghai gang no longer exists, and Xi Jinping’s power is soaring. A former Israeli prime minister once told Miles that the Chinese are the most fanciful people in the world.

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