U.S. Urges Taiwan to Buy Special Weapons to Resist the CCP

On May 7, it was reported that officials of the United States and Taiwan stated that the Biden administration is quietly pushing Taiwan to order unconventional weapons to help use small troops to repel the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) maritime invasion.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, the crisis in the Taiwan Strait has also become urgent, due to the CCP’s prolonged provocative activities. Therefore, the U.S. has began to accelerate its efforts to help Taiwan improve its defense system. A small military with the right weapons and an asymmetric warfare strategy that focuses on mobility and precision attacks could repel the CCP.

U.S. officials are currently re-examining the capabilities of the Taiwanese military to determine if it can withstand an invasion as well as the Ukrainian army. The Taiwanese authorities are trying to steer the country’s military toward asymmetric warfare and have begun a massive purchase of mobile, lethal weapons that are difficult to target and counter.

In maintaining security in the Taiwan Strait, the Biden administration’s push amplifies and accelerates similar efforts by the Trump and Obama administrations. Members of both parties in the U.S. Congress said that the war in Ukraine has become a painful lesson. This war made the U.S. realize that they had to help Taiwan by making it more defensive to prevent an invasion by the CCP.

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