Massive Layoffs by CCP Virus Vaccine Maker Sinovac Before the Year-End Bonus Granted

On May 7, as reported in communist China, Sinovac Life Sciences Co., Ltd., which accounted for half of the domestic mandatory CCP virus vaccination process, recently maliciously detained the employee’s year-end bonus, and illegally reduced a large number of staffs with the threat of confiscation of bonus, making its layoff rate reach 70%.It is reported, as per the news released by the Sinovac employees, its after-tax net profit in 2021 reached tens of billions yuan. It has once verbally promised to use 10% of the annual income as a year-end bonus, but delayed it with the reason of current “too much limelight.”

However, around the Spring Festival in 2022, the Sinovac’s human resource department issued a notice saying it would take massive layoffs, and if employees did not agree to be laid off, they could be on indefinite leave with only minimum wage and the year-end bonus confiscated. After that, the Sinovac has been laying off people from February to April. Up to April 23rd, when the last wave of layoff finished, it finally gave out the 2021 year-end bonus to the remaining staff on April 25. Some Whistleblower Movement fellow fighters believe as the government of communist China said the Covid-19 is still breaking out on a large scale inside China, according to their previous measures, vaccines should be in short supply. But the Sinovac did not hesitate to take such steps to lay off so many employees, perhaps it is preparing for evasion of responsibility after the truth of the vaccine is exposed.

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