Hackers Backed By The CCP Steal Trade Secrets, U.S. Says

On May 4th, a latest report released by a Boston-based U.S. information security company explicitly indicates that the APT 41 hacking group, officially supported by the Chinese Communist Party, has been using remote control spy hacking software and hacked into at least 30 large companies in the U.S., Europe, and Asia since 2019; stealing R&D and trade secrets of these companies as information to prepare for future cyber-attacks. Rough estimates put the economic losses suffered by these companies at more than several trillion dollars.

The Chinese Communist Party-backed hackers stole blueprints for fighter jets, helicopters, and missiles developed by the military industry; and stole intellectual property from the pharmaceutical industry about drugs for diabetes, obesity, and depression, according to Div, executive director of the information security firm. The company’s research director, Dahan, said it was clearly industrial espionage and theft of intellectual property at the highest level.

Sources also reported that the U.S. Department of Justice had already indicted four Chinese in May 2021 in connection with APT 41 for stealing intellectual properties and confidential information from various important companies around the world. These hacking practices of stealing foreign secrets, supported by and for the Chinese Communist Party, are gradually coming to light.

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