The Standard For “Good People” In The Whistleblower Movement

During the Grand Live Broadcast of Miles Guo on May 6th, in response to a question from a fellow fighter, Miles Guo talked about what he meant by being a good person. Miles Guo has repeatedly said that the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China (NFSC) are always looking for good people.

Miles said that the primary attribute of being a good person is honesty. In light of his own experience of being falsely imprisoned in the 1980s for supporting the student democracy movement, and the various false overseas lawsuits fabricated by the CCP since the launch of the Whistleblower Movement, Miles Guo has a deep understanding of how the CCP uses lies to persecute good people and thus contaminate the good nature of the Chinese people. The NFSC only pursues the truth, and this is our cause and faith. Those who believe in the truth hate lies. A truly meaningful life must be built on a foundation of honesty.

The second quality is bravery. Cowards cannot achieve great things. A brave heart is a necessary quality for our fellow fighters and is the driving force behind the NFSC’s efforts to rescue refugees and destroy the CCP.

The third quality of being good is kindness. A good person has a conscience, dares to face the world, never hurts relatives or friends, cares for humans and animals, and prays for peace.

The fourth quality is selflessness. Miles Guo said that not everyone can become a great man, but he or she should seek to be a selfless person. Everyone should learn to love, strive to help others, and remove the “I” mentality.

A good person with the above qualities is thought to be a talent in line with the values of the Whistleblower Movement, but this is also the criterion for the people of the NFSC to do things. A good person is committed to the truth and resisting the lure of fame and fortune. This is what it means to be the new Chinese and to stay strong in the world.

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