Europe and the Us Will Tackle 2 Areas, the Defeat of the CCP Is Irreversible

Miles Guo in his grand live broadcast on May 6 revealed that Europe and the U.S. will take action to confront the Chinese Communist Party in two major areas. The global trend to take down the CCP is unstoppable, and the defeat of the CCP is irreversible.

Firstly, the CCP’s oversea businesses and assets will be confiscated and sealed up. It will be 100 times more than the Russian seizure. Miles Guo reminded that the fellow fighters inside the CCP to get rid of their overseas assets as soon as possible. The United States will legislate seizure of Communist Party members’ overseas assets and businesses, and there will be no opportunity to prosecute them. Secondly, the U.S. and Europe are accelerating legislation to ban the Communist Party officials, their relatives and children from studying abroad. There will be more new regulations on Chinese communications, trade, technical exchange, etc. The way Communist China deals with the world will be changed entirely, and no one can stop it.

Miles pointed out that the U.S. has figured out that the CCP adopted the “Sheep Warriors” strategy and pretends to ease the U.S.-China relations. In fact, the U.S. is taking advantage to reduce domestic inflation and drain Communist China’s economy.Furthermore, Miles said that Europe and the U.S. realize that the CCP is the public enemy of the West. It is a matter of life and death. Their beliefs and values are different from those of Communist China. Europe and the U.S. have no choice but to take down the CCP.

He also added that no one can change the life-or-death situation between China and the United States, and Ukraine will win the war. The global military and combat power will shift directly towards Communist China as the war is over. Europe and the U.S. will race against each other to pass sanction bills against the CCP, with seven related bills on the pipeline are legislating in Europe, and sanctions legislation coming soon in the U.S. Finally, the CCP will be eliminated.

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