NFSC Needs to do 3 Things Rright in the Coming Global Disaster

In the live broadcast on May 6, Miles Guo once again emphasized the mission of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) and the three things that needs to be done well after analyzing the current world situation.

Miles believes that at this stage, the Russia-Ukraine war implies the end of Putin’s era, the war only solves Europe’s problems, and after those problems are solved, the world final attention will be a war with the Chinese Communist Party. At present, the world is facing a food supply chain crisis, economic collapse, a sharp rise in unemployment, and worse, an upcoming CCP Virus vaccine disaster. All of these are consistent with the characteristics of the Great Depression of World War II.

Miles pointed out that the New Federal State of China needs to do three things well. Firstly, ensure that all GCLUB members, 1300 investors, and Rule of Law Foundation donors have enough food to overcome the difficulties. Secondly, it is necessary to let the Himalaya Farm leaders with conscience to make good use of the farm mechanism of the NFSC, and to build the new shape of the New China in the future. Making the Himalaya Farms become a channel for more fellow fighters to connect and communicate, to ensure that fellow fighters are able to buy medicines if they need in any situation to save their family members and relatives. Thirdly, it is necessary to cultivate more elite fellow fighters such as those in Medyka, and to develop relations with various countries and organizations in the rescue frontline.

Finally, Miles added that the most important thing for the Farms to do is to promote HPay so that HPay can be used around the world. The future role of HPay for the Chinese will be no less than the Rothschild family loans to countries during World War II. It will also allow the NFSC to take root in Kyiv, all over Russia without Putin, and even in Europe and the United States during the Great Depression.

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