The CCP Forcibly Demolishes 2,000-year-old Grand Bazaar in Xinjiang

The Chinese Communist Party(CCP) is demolishing a bazaar with 2,000 years’ history in Kashgar, Xinjiang, which has been known as “Asia’s largest bazaar” since 128 B.C., when Zhang Qian was on a mission to the West during the Han Dynasty. Currently, the bazaar has more than 4,000 merchants selling nearly 10,000 kinds of goods.

Satellite images show that from April 4 to May 4, the Xinjiang Grand Bazaar is disappearing from the map. Officials from the local market supervision bureau also confirmed that the bazaar had indeed been demolished, but declined to say why. The local police revealed that the demolition had reached two-thirds of progress.

Some experts have criticized that Kashgar is the cultural foundation of the Uighur people and that the CCP is pushing for the replacement of the old city on the pretext of helping the local Uighurs get out of poverty, and even arresting disgruntled merchants. This is another attempt of the CCP to erase the Uighur culture to achieve its cultural genocide. Only the elimination of the CCP regime can lead the Chinese people to live a better life.

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