Australia Condemns China’s Interference In Australian Leadership Election

On April 30, Reuters reported that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Saturday accused China of a “form” or record of interference in foreign politics. Earlier, the country’s interior minister said Beijing’s security deal with the Solomon Islands would affect Australia’s leadership election.

Most opinion polls show Scott Morrison’s Conservative coalition will lose in the May 21 election. It is understood to have tried to highlight the national security credibility of Morrison’s tenure, such as its tough stance on China.

Morrison said the timing of China’s choice of disclosure was precisely a form of interference in Australia’s leadership election. News of the China-Soviet security deal has raised concerns among Australians about the Chinese military threat and overshadowed the national security strategy emphasized by the Morrison Coalition.

Earlier, Mr. Guo Wengui also pointed out in the live broadcast that the strategic position of the Solomon Islands in the Pacific region is very important. If the CCP establishes a military base there, it is equivalent to directly opening the back door of Australia, Japan and other countries. The agreement between China and Solomon Islands is undoubtedly a convenience for the CCP to dominate the Asia-Pacific region.

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