UK Exposed Russian Cyber Army Spreading Ukraine War’s Disinformation

The British Foreign Office said on May 1st that Russia is using internet research centers known as “Troll factory” to spread disinformation about the Ukraine war and to target western politicians, including senior British cabinet members.

British government research shows that “Troll factory” is using Telegram to recruit and coordinate supporters. They sent spam mails to those who critique the Russian government and sent comments to those supporting Putin’s aggressive war. In addition, traces of such actions have been found on eight social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Tiktok.

UK Foreign Secretary Truss stated that Britain must not allow the Russian government and its cyber armies to invade Britain’s cyberspace with the lies of Putin’s illegal war. The British government has reminded international allies that the British would continue to work closely with them on stopping Russia from turning those social media platforms into its information warfare.

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