CCP Exports Not Only Virus, But Also Inflation

According to The Daily Caller on Apr 28th, CCP’s excessive lockdowns exacerbated the disruption of the global supply chain, directly contributing to the highest inflation rate in the U.S. in the past 40 years.

The economic globalization made the supply chain become a global issue. Given the economies of the U.S. and Communist China were intertwined, CCP’s malicious lockdowns are raising the costs of the supply chain. Many companies needed to hold more inventories and hoard products due to potential future uncertainty. There was no more just-in-time delivery. CCP imposed a one-week quarantine for goods to enter the country. Manufacturers operating in Communist China who used supplies from elsewhere found their operations were disrupted.

The report claims CCP’s uncertain lockdowns as a warning to the U.S., who had to made a choice – either accepting America’s dependence on Communist China and living in a constrained way with national independence compromised or gradually decoupling from CCP and bearing the cost incurred by giving up supply chains and markets in Communist China as well as sources of capital and destinations for capital.

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