Microsoft Says It was Attacked by Communist China

On April 12, local time, Microsoft Corporation of the United States issued an alert to users, saying that the Communist China state hacking group Hafnium is conducting malware activities and cyber threats.

According to Microsoft, Hafnium uses the unrepaired zero-day vulnerability as the initial carrier, as well as tarrask’s defense against malware to conceal the damaged state of the device from users. Hafnium creates a hidden mission plan, which can retain the continuous access to the device even after multiple restarts. Infringement, Windows task scheduler helps it clean up traces to ensure that tarrask’s malicious activities will not be retained on disk. The latest report also confirms that Hafnium is taking advantage of new vulnerabilities in the Windows subsystem.

It is reported that Hafnium is a Communist China-sponsored hacking group that once caused Microsoft Exchange to crash in 2021. The data collected from this crash is considered to be a large database for the Communist China government to conduct artificial intelligence research.

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