Porsche Electric Coupe Transaction With HPay and HCN In Taiwan

On April 30, Himalaya Formosa Taiwan traded the Porsche pure electric coupe using Hpay and HCoin for the first time, with the final transaction price was 3168 HCoin.

The purchaser disclosed that he purchased HCoin at $8 and the value at time of this trade was $43.7 USD. The purchaser believed that considering he bought HCN at $8 originally, the value of HCoin spent on buying a car only cost 1/5 of the original car price. The buyer also revealed that he will continue to invest in HCN and promote the use of HPAY in the car rental market.

It is worth noting that the purchaser displayed the Ukrainian flag on the car roof in the form of Paint Protective Film and posted the logo of the New Federal State of China and the Rule of Law Foundation on the car’s front windshield to show support.

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Translator: Himalaya Formosa Taiwan -Moli C.
Design&editor: Hbamboo

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