Australian Defence Minister warns of possible chemical attack by China

According to a report by the Australian News Network on April 24, Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton (Peter Dutton), in an interview with News Corp Australia (News Corp Australia), acknowledged that China is a growing threat, alleging that China may launch attacks in the next four years. Chemical attack, the situation is as terrible as it was before “World War II”.

With tensions between China and Australia lingering and Australia’s May election looming, Australia’s Defence Minister Dutton warned that China’s threat was looming and that it could launch a chemical attack on the capital of Australia’s allies. His concerns about China’s military strength and strategic position were echoed by defense ministers across the country.

Australia must maintain its military capabilities, especially its naval capabilities, and prepare for what was unimaginable a year ago. Dutton called for the normalisation of peaceful relations with every country, including China, and increased spending on investment in people and technology and equipment.

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