U.S. Heavy Weapons Arrive in Rzeszów, Britain and Germany will Follow

According to multiple reports on April 25, at least six US heavy weapons transport planes arrived in the Polish city of Rzeszow, 90 Km from the Ukrainian border.

The heavy weapons included 72 155mm long-ranged artillery cannon, 72 cannon tractors, 144,000 rounds of artillery shells, and more than 121 tactical drones. US Air Force C-17A military transport aircraft and a Boeing 747 transport aircraft leased by the US Pentagon were employed in this operation.

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace also confirmed on April 25 that the United Kingdom will provide Ukraine with Storm armored vehicles to strengthen Ukraine’s air defence. The missiles have already been supplied to the Ukrainian Armed Forces by the British Ministry of Defence.

On April 26, at the end of an international defence ministers’ meeting attended by more than 40 countries, German Defence Minister announced that it would provide Ukraine with heavy weapons, including Cheetah anti-aircraft tanks, and 50 German-made self-propelled guns.

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