Musk’s Twitter Already Faces Communist China’s Influence

Elon Musk has already begun to face some questions about his relationship with the CCP after acquiring Twitter. On the one hand, Musk values freedom of speech, so people think that he should disrupt and weaken Twitter’s censorship. On the other hand, since the CCP has given considerable financial support to Tesla and Musk seems to need to keep a friendly attitude toward the CCP, then the road to free speech for Twitter will be long and hard.

Elon Musk Praises China’s Economic Prosperity on 100th Anniversary of Communist Party.

Analysts think that the CCP is most adept at using concessions from commercial interests for political gain. Since the outbreak of the CCP virus, media backed by the CCP government have increased their efforts to propagate information through Twitter, such as praising the CCP’s violent epidemic prevention measures and refuting claims of genocide in Xinjiang. Recently, pro-CCP accounts on Twitter have posted lots of information, to reverse black and white with lies and create media influence for the CCP to undermine negative criticism of the CCP’s Winter Olympics.

Meanwhile, Musk’s Tesla has huge economic benefits in Communist China. More than a quarter of its total revenue comes from Communist China in 2021, and Tesla’s Shanghai plant delivered roughly half of the world’s vehicles in 2021.Miles Guo pointed out in his live broadcast on April 26 that Musk must bear the burden of the CCP’s wrongdoings on Twitter, whether he chooses to cooperate with the CCP or not. During an interview, Gettr CEO Mr. Jason Miller was asked about his thoughts on Musk’s purchase of Twitter. He believes that the problem with Twitter is not in the technical field which Musk is best at, but in the corporate culture that has long been tied to political discrimination, and that it is not easy to truly achieve the freedom of speech he seeks for Twitter.

In addition to the relationship with the CCP, Twitter itself has some other thorny issues. Miles talked about these issues in detail in the live broadcast on April 28th and pointed out that these issues present opportunities for Gettr.

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