Studies Show That Pfizer Vaccine Can Elicit Immune-Mediated Hepatitis

On 21 April, the Journal of Hepatology, the leading medical journal published a new clinical study presented by the University of Freiburg Medical School, the Institute of Pathology at the Technical University of Munich Medical School, and the German Cancer Society, among others. The study found that CCP virus vaccine, jointly developed by Pfizer and BioNTech, could elicit a distinct T cell-dominant immune-mediated hepatitis.
The patient in this study had acute mixed hepatitis after receiving the first dose of CCP virus vaccine and developed severe hepatitis after receiving the second dose. After performing serology and PCR tests on the patient, the researchers ruled out other types of hepatitis and other viral infections.
Autoimmune hepatitis is a chronic progressive inflammatory disease of the liver mediated by an autoimmune response and is characterized clinically by varying degrees of elevated serum transaminases, hypergamma-globulinemia and positive autoantibodies. The histological features are an interfacial hepatitis with predominantly lymphocytic and plasma cell infiltration, which can progress rapidly to cirrhosis and liver failure in severe cases.

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