Founder of Israel Ein Prat Academy for Leadership Endorses NFSC

On Apr 27, during the Holocaust Remembrance Day event for Jews held in the big tent of the New Federal State of China (NFSC)’s rescue camp in Medyca, Poland, Erez Eshel, founder and President of Ein Prat Academy for Leadership, the largest organization acting as an incubator for civilian leaders in Israel, said individuals should never remain neutral when they can differentiate between evil and good, and we should not sit on our hands and simply watching how things turn out when we know which side is representing righteousness. He firmly believes China will be reborn as a country with freedom.
At the end of the remembrance event, after members of the NFSC and Israeli friends held flags of the NSFC and Israel, posing for photos, they joined hands in a circle, singing the Israeli anthem together.

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