CCP’s No. 1 Spy News Network “Duowei News”Was Shut Down

Duowei News, a Chinese language News website founded in 1999 and based in the United States, suddenly announced its closure on April 26. Duowei News has always been a part of CCP’s United States spy network. According to the exclusive intel from Miles Guo, Duowei News had to shut down after the CCP invested heavily to keep it running for over 20 years. It was sued by GTV last Thursday for its involvement in supplying forged information in the PAG case. The lawsuit against PAG triggered the top CCP leader to order Duowei News to shut down immediately.
Miles Guo shared that Duowei News colluded with a former FBI official and the registered Chinese spy, Bruno Wu, to supply PAG’s law firm with false evidence and altered timestamp and photos on its website. The false evidence was used by PAG’s representatives in the case against Miles Guo. Miles finally added that the shutdown of Duowei News has significant meaning as it has proved that the background behind PAG’s lawsuit are the controllers from CCP.

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