Summary Of The Latest News On The War Between Russia and Ukraine

As of April 26, local time, Russia has not given up on shelling and airstrikes on the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv and its surrounding settlements. In addition, the Russians attempted to launch ground attacks from Izyum to the south of Bavinkovo and Sloviansk, but all these attacks were defeated by an effective counterattack by the local Ukrainian defenders. The Russian troop had to retreat from the Zavori region, about 20 kilometers west of Izyum.

Russian troops are also continuing their shelling along the entire front line in Donetsk and Luhansk, but the Russians were unable to make any progress in ground attacks in the area. Although the Russian-Ukrainian engagement in Popasnaya was still ongoing, the Russian attacks on Koloviya and Rubezhnowe were repelled by Ukrainian troops, and the 30th Independent Motor Rifle Brigade of the Russian Second Guards suffered heavy losses around north Donetsk.

On the other hand, the Russian offensive northwest of the Kherson was also disrupted by the Ukrainian counterattack. Some Russian troops had even retreated to Djornobayevka, two Russian sabotage and reconnaissance teams to advance Nikolayev had failed, with more than half of the soldiers killed.

According to Ukrainian sources, Ukrainian soldiers who are insisting on the Azov Steel Plant in Mariupol were heavily bombed by Russian troops. The local Russian invading forces may use chemical weapons against Ukrainian positions hastily and at any cost to capture the factory to meet Putin’s anticipated deadline of May 9. Satellite imagery shows that a third mass grave site has emerged near Mariupol.

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