Pompeo Warns Of The Inevitability Of CCP’s Invasion Of Taiwan

According to Gettr news on Apr 25th, U.S. former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said during an interview that Xi Jinping would not be deterred by Putin’s military setbacks in Ukraine and change his decision to attack Taiwan. In the meantime, he warned that Japan, South Korea, and Australia would become Xi’s next targets upon the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s seizure of Taiwan. Pompeo absolutely endorsed CIA director William Burns’ assessment that “Xi Jinping is a silent partner in Putin’s aggression” and “Communist China is America’s greatest challenge.”

In addition, he emphasized that Xi will do his best to support Putin’s regime and prevent its collapse, and reiterated that the CCP is the most significant external threat to the US and it will definitely invade Taiwan despite Russia’s constant military losses in Ukraine. The U.S. should arm Taiwan to the teeth in the immediate term to counter the imminent risk of the CCP’s invasion, Pompeo added. Under the Trump administration, he signed arms sales agreements with Taiwan, and he hopes the Biden administration will follow this policy.Pompeo concluded by saying that the U.S. should tell the CCP clearly that it will pay a heavy price for its military assault on Taiwan. Meanwhile, given Xi’s ambitions extend far beyond occupying Taiwan, the U.S. should make sure its allies in the Indo-Pacific, such as Japan, South Korea, and Australia, all understand this point and respond accordingly, preparing to assist the Taiwanese as well as protect their own sovereignties.

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