Japanese Media Is Concerned with Russian Orthodox Patriarch’s Support for Putin

In a program on Apr 22nd, Japanese media focused on introducing the life of the current Russian Orthodox Patriarch, who stands in solidarity with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

In Russia’s Orthodox Church, whose followers account for 70% of the Russian population, its Patriarch outright supported Putin’s war against Ukraine on Apr 3rd; emphatically stating that foreign animosity forces are looming around Russian borders constantly, which echoed the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s propaganda of “The US Empire is always our enemy.”

Japanese media investigated the Patriarch’s life to learn why he behaved this way. Despite the suppression of the Soviet Union, Orthodox was rapidly rehabilitated after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Patriarch Kirill, the current leader of the Church and Putin, who both were born in Leningrad, came to power in religion and politics respectively to support each other.

As specifically pointed out by Japanese media, Orthodox Patriarchs might not have had secret codes in KGB of their own volition, although they had to be affiliated with the KGB. However, the current Patriarch Kirill, who shares the same ambition as Putin to revive the Soviet Union’s territory and power, reverted the role of Military Priests to consecrate all Russian weapons on the battlefield; an occupation canceled more than 90 years ago.

Miles Guo once stated that since religion is the intermediation of belief, the New Chinese of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) should own their own belief, not blindly following any religions.

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