CCP’s Motives in Killing Senior People with Poisonous Vaccines

In the live broadcast on April 24th, Miles Guo said that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had enough motives to kill senior people with the poisonous vaccines. One of the reasons for him to say so was because Miles had heard many talks by the top internal CCP leaders, their consensus was that seniors over sixty years old in China were a huge burden on the government. So the senior people could be let go (Killed).

Miles mentioned that, one of the top CCP leaders, Meng Jianzhu said some years ago that he made an assessment. Meng took farmers in Jiangxi province as an example. Supposedly farmers could live up to seventy years old or older and taken care of with American type of social or medical systems, the medical expenses and other expenses that the Chinese government must pay are 30 to 45 times the lifetime contribution of farmers; the trade-off for the government is not good if these elderly people live too long. Even If they do, the seniors have to pay for costs themselves. On the contrary, the high-power leaders of the Chinese Communist Party have access to the best medical resources to maintain their longevity. Most of the resources they receive are free and paid for with taxpayer money.Based on Miles’ personal experience, some important figures in the military and some so-called celebrities, such as Jin Can-rong, unabashedly support this view towards the seniors.

Critics pointed out that under the CCP’s dictatorship, not only has the country’s wealth been stolen by the Kleptocrats, but the lives of ordinary people have never been respected by them. For their own benefit, the CCP doesn’t care about using poisonous vaccines and extreme quarantine measures to eliminate the seniors. The CCP’s systems and policies towards its own people, especially to the seniors, are completely against humanity.

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