CCP Virus Vaccine Disaster Far Beyond People’s Imagination

In the live broadcast on April 24th, Miles Guo stated in solemn words to the fellow fighters that the coming vaccine-induced disaster that he had warned to happen in May would far exceed people’s imagination. The casualties caused by the CCP-virus-vaccine would be much worse than the casualties from the Russia-Ukraine war and from the possible Taiwan Strait war.

Miles further said that the recent increase in cancer detected during the quarantine in the city of Changchun, has exceeded 35 times. It is the highest increase on record in the past 50 years. In the two cities of Zhengzhou and Wuhan, the rate of cancer has increased over 20 times. In China, the United States, Europe and other countries, the incidence of cancer has risen sharply regardless of age. Knowing that poisonous vaccines could kill people, the CCP still lures the elderly to vaccinate by awarding them with money.

Miles said the CCP is fully aware that the vaccine disaster will break out in these large cities. The quarantines currently conducted are military preparations. The extreme epidemic measurements and quarantines have nothing to do with the virus, but instead conduct stress tests for the CCP to learn the impacts on its regime when the vaccine disasters strike.

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