Foreign Pilot Was Found on the CCP’s Crashed Fighter Plane

On April 23, a piece of news about crashed plane came out on social media such as Gettr and Twitter, that is a CCP’s fighter plane suddenly fell and crashed, and the pilots ejected and escaped. The accident was happened in Anhui Province, Huoshan city. According to the video released by social media, two pilots parachuted, one was a Chinese soldier, and the other was a foreigner. There was an open fire still burning at the crash site, and the fighter plane had been broken into pieces and scattered in the wheat field.

The two pilots were lying on the ground. A witness asked, “Are you the Chinese people’s Liberation Army?” One pilot answered “yes.” The witness pointed another foreigner and asked “who is he?” The Chinese pilot prevaricated, “He is our trainer,” and reminded people not to take pictures. Many netizens commented that the plane crash verified what Miles Guo disclosed in the live broadcast on April 23, 2021. That is, the j-20 fighters took off from the CCP’s aircraft carrier Liaoning was piloted by Russians, and even the F15b aircrafts were also. Through this accident, the weak military strength of the CCP has been thoroughly exposed to the whole world.

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