SpaceX Successfully Defense Against Russian Electromagnetic Attack

According to Defense News on April 20, Pentagon experts said that last month SpaceX successfully and swiftly frustrated a Russian effort to jam its Starlink satellite broadband service, forcing the Russian military to halt efforts in conducting electromagnetic warfare against Ukraine and keeping Ukraine connected to the Internet.

At the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, SpaceX’s founder Elon Musk steered thousands of Starlink terminals to Ukraine after an Ukrainian official sent him a tweet asking for help. The next day, Starlink was attacked and jammed by Russia. SpaceX neutralized Russia’s electromagnetic attack by fixing just one line of code.

Pentagon technologists said what SpaceX did was fantastic and eye-watering. In addition, the U.S. ought to think a lot more innovatively when it comes to building new electromagnetic warfare (EW) equipment, and has to come up with new systems that offer greater resilience and speed. This includes incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning into next-generation systems which can make them respond faster. The Pentagon also expects Russia to launch a “much stronger” electromagnetic attack against Ukraine.

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