Heart-Breaking – U.S. Volunteer Comments on 419 VOA Cutoff Incident

On April 19, the NFSC frontline rescue team reporter Nicole interviewed Sigmund, an American volunteer at the port city of Medyka, Poland. Nicole shared with Sigmund about the 419 VOA Cutoff incident. For audiences not yet familiar with this event, here is the gist of it: Five years ago on April 19, 2017, the Voice of America (VOA) conducted a much-anticipated interview with Miles Guo, the founder and the leader of the W. Per agreement, the interview was supposed to be broadcasted live via YouTube in front of a very large online audience, on the subject of exposing the deep and dark secrets of the top leaders of the CCP. It was supposed to be 3 hours long as the VOA had previously agreed and had announced online well in advance; however, the interview was cut short just about 1 hour 20 minutes into the program, after several mysterious interruptions. espite VOA’s repeated denials of any connection to the CCP and claimed the program was cut off for other reasons. Miles exposed the cutoff of the interview as the result of mounting pressure and sabotage by the CCP, from the CCP’s Foreign Ministry and insiders at the VOA.

In response, Sigmund commented that America is supposed to be a symbol of democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of press and religion. Speaking of VOA, a U.S. federal funded news agency degenerated to this level, he said, “It is truly heartbreaking; it boggles the mind. To have it so easily be twisted by foreign interests to shut down freedom movements is heartbreaking, wrenches out the soul”. He also pointed out that it is even more devastating that more and more influence groups and big businesses are more concerned about their financial ability to do business with this Communist regime than they do about propagating American values and freedom.Miles Guo, the founder of the NFSC, has been repeatedly warning in his live broadcasts for the past 5 years, that Western society as a whole has been deeply infiltrated by the CCP for decades, not only on Wall Street, but even at high levels of government, including the DOJ of the U.S., and, the Voice of America, once known as the “beacon of freedom”. It is crucial for the world to wake up to the fact that – the Chinese Communist Party, is at the root of all global disasters, and undoubtedly the number one common enemy of the people all over the world.

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