The CCP’s Inhumane “Zero Case” Pandemic Control Is Their Last Encounter

On April 20th, Miles Guo posted a video on GETTR and made brief comments on several recent hot topics in the news.

Miles said that the current Russian-Ukrainian war situation verified his revelation a week ago that Putin launched a decisive battle in eastern Ukraine as a threat to talk and negotiate with the Western democratic world. There are also some political reasons for launching the battle, such as Putin’s personal security, the security of Russian officials, and the assets of wealthy Russian families, among other issues.

The new Chinese people must have the basic human right of one vote per person and live with dignity. The wealth of the Chinese must be determined by themselves. The land in China must be returned to the people. Chinese people’s ownership of real estate properties must be permanent. The huge amount of illegal assets moved overseas by the CCP’s kleptocrats must be returned to the people as compensation for Chinese people’s mortgage, car, and credit card loans caused by the CCP’s exploitation for decades. Later, Miles pointed out that the CCP is currently on the edge of drastic changes, no force can stop it, and the demise of the CCP is inevitable historically. The so-called “zero cases” pandemic control is their dying struggle before termination. It is also the CCP’s last political operation, and there will not be a 20th National People’s Congress of the CCP.

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