Summary of International Sanctions On CCP In March 2022

According to incomplete statistics, the international community imposed sanctions on CCP more than 10 times in March 2022, all of which were initiated by the U.S. The sanctions targets and those who would be sanctioned encompassed CCP’s officials and CCP’s agents in the U.S., ranging in communication, trade, sport, science, technology, and the biopharmaceutical industry.In March, the international sanctions against CCP took five forms:

First, two Congressional Bills, including the China Trade Relations Act proposed by Congressmen and Senators, respectively;

Second, a Congressional Resolution, namely, the Senate amendment to America Competes Act;

Third, four concrete sanctions on CCP’s enterprises;

Fourth, one sanction specifically on CCP’s officials;

Last, filed one lawsuit against CCP’s agent.

Among all the international sanctions on CCP throughout March, America Competes Act was the most powerful deterrent. Pursuant to the Senate Amendment to the bill, the U.S. planned to appropriate $52 billion to subsidize semiconductor manufacturing and research, allocate $80 billion to the National Science Foundation over the next five years, provide funding for Global Engagement Center within the State Department to combat foreign disinformation and retain the provision about human rights abuses in Communist China.From this series of actions in March, it is noted that the U.S. House, Senate, government, and Department of Justice are initiating full-scale sanctions against CCP’s officials, enterprises, and agents.

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