Shanghai’s Counterfeit And Shoddy Supplies Spark Strong Discontent Among The People

On April 21, under the severe epidemic control measures, people in Shanghai continued to report that the quality of supply materials could not be guaranteed. Besides various counterfeit and shoddy products, there was even a large amount of expired and moldy food, which is a real health hazard.

The most established social media platforms have shown that some of the supplies approved by the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) are non-existent or counterfeit. For example, among the supplies distributed on April 19, the label on a bottle of cooking oil shows it was produced in Shandong province on the same day, and Shandong is hundreds of miles away from Shanghai. There is no label on a bottle of salt, so how can anyone be sure if this is table salt. A bag of vermicelli was made by a manufacturer that no longer existed two years ago. Bags of rice are packed in counterfeit packages and expired pre-cooked chicken and moldy duck meat caused food poisoning in some residents.

In this regard, the CCP’s market supervision department only called on residents to call 12315 to report. Still, it did not explain why so many counterfeit and shoddy products appeared among the government-guaranteed supplies, and there was no solution to replace these inedible supplies. Many residents complained that they could not connect these official complaint calls.

Analysts point out that the chaos in Shanghai reflects the CCP’s foolish zero-Covid policy, and they have no regard for people’s lives. It also highlights the tragic situation in which the people in Communist China are about to face more threats to their survival.

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