Mariupol Commander Describes the State of War inside Mariupol Plant

On April 19, Serhiy Volyna, commander of the 36th Separate Marine Brigade, told the media through a video at the Azovstal Steel Plant about the war situation in Mariupol.
Under heavy Russian bombardment, the steel plant has become the bastion for the military and civilians remaining there, accommodating members of the Azov Battalion, a part of the Ukraine’s National Guard, police, border guards, as well as nearly a thousand of civilians, including women and children. As of now, Russian forces are still constantly using aviation, artillery and naval artillery of various systems, and trying to conduct assaults under the cover of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles to break through the Ukrainians’ defenses.
The steel plant is currently isolated from the outside world. The military and civilians are now living in an underground tunnel system at the plant as a shelter to protect themselves from the strikes. Only minimal medical care is provided inside the tunnels. Major Volyna said, the soldiers, who are still fighting, only sleep two to three hours a day in the damp basement, but their morale remains high. Major Volyna further mentioned that the Russians have repeatedly reneged their promises. They will not trust the Russians but will continue fighting to the end, even though the Russians have repeatedly called for surrendering and have given them final statements.
At the end of the video, Major Volyna hoped that the countries’ leaders across the world, especially President Biden, to help resolve the situation, and ensure the safe evacuation of the soldiers and civilians who are still at the Azovstal Plant.

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