Japan Assists Ukraine with Protective Supplies and Drones

Japan’s Defense Ministry announced on the 19th that it show its support to Ukraine by providing masks, chemical suits, and commercial drones. Defence Minister Nobuo Kishi explained to the media that the support was in response to a request from the Ukrainian government and that the supplies would be delivered by commercial flights once they are ready.
Nobuo Kishi said that among the latest supplies shipped to Ukraine, only masks and chemical suits are defensive equipment, and that Japan had already supplied Ukraine with defensive equipment such as bulletproof vests, helmets and winter combat uniforms last month. In addition, the commercial drones supplied to Ukraine are surveillance equipment and are not lethal.
In addition to providing Ukrainian defensive equipment, Japan officially imposed an import ban on 38 Russian goods, including vodka and some timber products on the 19th as a new round of economic sanctions against Russia.

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