Fauci says herd immunity doesn’t work for CCP virus and suggests ongoing vaccination

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said in an interview on Friday that the concept of herd immunity may not apply to the CCP virus.Earlier, Fauci and several medical experts wrote a research paper on herd immunity for the “Journal of Infectious Diseases”.

In an interview with the media, Fauci used the United States accomplished herd immunity to defeat measles as an example. He pointed out that the success depended on three important metrics, which are: an absolutely effective vaccine, the virus not mutating significantly over time, and a successful childhood vaccination.Fauci pointed out that, since the outbreak of the epidemic more than two years ago, a variety of significant mutant strains such as Delta and Omicron have emerged, and the vaccination rate is insufficient.

Therefore, he believes that the concept of important herd immunity to the CCP virus is not applicable. Fauci emphasized that neither the immunity induced by vaccination nor the immunity caused by infection is life-long, which means that people need to be vaccinated continuously.

Some comments questioned whether “absolutely effective vaccines” should be ranked first among the three important indicators listed by Fauci.

The root cause of the ineffectiveness of herd immunity should be the effectiveness of vaccines itself, not the vaccination rates. In addition, since vaccine-induced immunity is not life-long, is it worth bearing the risks of thousands of side effects for the short-term immunity provided by the vaccine? After all, any responsible scientist should not encourage the public to continue using a vaccine that does more harm than good.

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