Spanish Volunteers Attracted by Slogan of “Take Down the CCP”

On April 16th, in the big tent of the Medyka Rescue Frontline of the New Federal State of China (NFSC), fellow fighters interviewed a Spanish volunteer Luka. Luka is a university student, who came here to help Ukrainian refugees during the Easter break. He was very interested in the slogan “Take Down the CCP” printed on the NFSC Yellow Vest.

Surprisingly he has a deep understanding of the CCP’s massacres and repression in Hong Kong and Xinjiang, the suppression of press freedom and live organ harvesting, as well as CCP’s in-depth collusion with the United States and Europe. He expressed his views on communism based on his own experiences.

At the end, Luka said he hopes that the whole world could unite and stop fighting each other and make joint efforts against the evil CCP and Russia.

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