Ukraine Found More Dead Civilians Near Kyiv

It is reported that April 15th, after the withdrawal of Russian forces from Kyiv, the latest Ukrainian police department report showed 900 civilian bodies found around Kyiv, more than twice the number announced two weeks ago.

The head of Kyiv’s regional police force, Andriy Nebytov, said bodies were abandoned in streets or hastily buried around Kyiv, with 95% shot to death, and according to gathered sources, Russian forces executed people right on the streets. He also stated that more bodies were being found under rubble or in mass graves every day, with Bucha recording the highest number, reaching over 500.

Following the withdrawal of Russian forces from Bucha, locals spontaneously started searching for bodies on a large scale and registering their identifications. Meanwhile, many western press outlets also joined the team of local police and kins of those dead, witnessing the catastrophic scene firsthand.

Vitaliy Lobas, the head of Bucha Police Department in charge of a local district before the Russian invasion, has been receiving calls on his cell phone every few minutes, with most of the calls being the same concise dialogue: location of a body found, some specific details related to the body, and the phone numbers of relatives or friends.

Lobas has documented every call on a paper line by line and pinpointed the location on a map. The death toll has increased continuously, resulting in a growing shortage of lorries.

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