The Jewish Volunteer Shows Supports To NFSC Frontline Rescue Team

On the evening of April 15th, at the rescue camp of the New Federal State of China (NSFC) in Medyka, Poland, NFSC volunteers at the frontline celebrated Passover together with Jewish volunteers, where Nicole interviewed Naria, a Jewish volunteer from Jerusalem, Israel. He introduced himself in front of the camera of the NFSC, saying he worked for the “One Heart” relief agency. He described what he witnessed during his visit to Lviv, Ukraine.

Naria found that in Ukraine, especially in the refugee centers of Lviv, there was a predominance of rescue and resistance groups initiated by young people, many of whom had tattoos with the words “War of Independence.” He sees the Russia-Ukraine war as a war of independence, freedom, and liberation that brought together the youth of Ukraine, the Jews, and the New Federal State of China.

According to Naria, the Passover celebration at the NFSC rescue camp honored the memory of the Jewish forefathers who fought for freedom in this part of Poland for a thousand years and for the last century; it also inspired the Ukrainian people and the NFSC, who fought the same battle for freedom and liberation.

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