Miles Guo’s Layout of Taking Down the CCP

Back on 29 October of 2018, Miles Guo mentioned that the famous American Arms dealer invited more than 30 heads of countries, and financial groups of the world to form a global anti-communist coalition to resolutely oppose direct investment to the CCP and set up a public welfare fund to save the Chinese, Tibetans, and Xinjiang people who have been persecuted by CCP. To safeguard American freedom, democracy, and rule of law, to uphold the new post-World War II international order, and protect the interest of the United States in Taiwan and safeguard the dignity of the United States. The United States made a clear statement that it would participate in the war once the CCP invades Taiwan. Miles Guo revealed in a GETTR video on April 11 that the CCP would attack Taiwan before end of the May, given the current state of the CCP outbreak.

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