Communism Will Eventually Be Entirely Wiped Out

On April 13, Miles Guo mentioned again in his Gettr video that communism is bound to end up being eliminated.
Through the efforts of the Whistleblower Movement fellow fighters, the people of the world have already experienced firsthand the threat from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). While Ukrainians are being killed in large numbers for the personal benefit of Putin and Xi Jinping, the people within China are not spared. The international community has become acutely aware that the CCP is the root cause of all global problems and disasters in the world, and for this reason, the only option to end all those crises we are facing today is the elimination of the CCP regime. The New Federal State of China (NFSC) has shown the world with practical actions that the CCP can not represent the Chinese people, and the citizens of NFSC are new Chinese dedicated to taking down the evil Chinese Communist Party.
In addition, according to Miles’s analysis, although Russia will continue to be madly involved in the war, this war will forge a united Europe with Poland and Ukraine as the core. Thus, for Russia and communism as a whole, it will only face a disastrous end.
As for the NFSC fellow fighters who are still on the rescue frontline in Medyka, Poland, Miles said their practical actions, efforts, and perseverance have earned widespread attention and interest of the world in the NFSC. And at this historic moment, Miles exhorts the frontline fellow fighters to continue to persevere and also encourages other fellow fighters to spread more information about the NFSC’s frontline rescue efforts and the humanitarian disaster created by the CCP.

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