Let Go And Acceptance Are Necessary Lessons For Our Life

In his live broadcast on April 10, the guests talked about their worries about their family and loved ones’ safety back home. They expressed how they felt panic when they noticed that their families residing in China would face vaccine disasters.

At this moment, Miles shared the philosophy of “letting go” and “acceptance” that all should practice in life when having attachments. Letting go means putting things that you cannot alter or control behind. By letting go of things, you will be able to move forward instead of being repeatedly entangled in them, which will in turn affect your perception of everything and behavior.

The Whistleblower Movement warned the world four years ago that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would bring devastating disasters to the world. With years of efforts put by the brothers-in-arms in the NFSC, we are well prepared to deal with this crisis. However, when disaster strikes, force majeure events may leave us no time for heartache and grief. Therefore, as the brothers-in-arms of the NFSC, we should learn to let go.

There is an old proverb saying: “Everything is changing constantly, and things come and go in due course since ancient times.” [“人事有代谢,往来成古今”] The laws of nature do not change because of man’s sorrow or happiness. It is futile to live and suffer for the sake of others. Miles advises brothers-in-arms that they must train themselves to be mentally strong, no matter what kind of changes their loved ones and friends will go through in the future, accept these changes and let go of the emotions in our hearts is what will free us from the pain.

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