Confirmed cases decrease in Shanghai yet authorities continue on “Zoned Management”

On Monday, the Shanghai municipality reported 23,342 confirmed CCP virus cases, a decrease of more than 2,800 cases compared to the previous day, which signals the first downward trend since the outbreak. The authorities announced that the city is implementing a “three zone” management system, that each single condominium is categorized into three types, namely, the Precautionary Zone, the Controlled Zone and the Restricted Zone.

The zone categorization is based on the existence of CCP virus cases within a 7–14-day period. If there is zero confirmed case within 14 days, the condominium will be categorized as a Precautionary Zone and residents are allowed to walk out of the building and have some activities within their own streets in batches and periods. However, the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission emphasized that the Precautionary Zone is not a “free zone”, and residents are still required to remain at home as long as possible for the sake of preventing further outbreak of the CCP virus. The disinfection of public areas such as floors and neighborhoods will still be continued.

Some locals in the Precautionary Zone complain that they have expected they will be able to move freely in order to buy supplies for themselves, their friends and relatives as well. However, they find out that there is still a shortage of supplies due to the ongoing tightening of inter-provincial logistics, and the number of grocery stores and supermarkets allowed for opening is extremely limited. Therefore, they lament that there is no difference in essence between the Precautionary Zone and other zones. They add that what the CCP staged is a mere propaganda campaign, a show to fool the people.

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