The Internal Partner Of The CCP Deliberately Caused Trouble During Taiwan Mazu’s Circumnavigation Activities

On the evening of April 9th, Chang An-lo, the President of Unionist Party, deliberately gathered a crowd to cause trouble during the Taiwanese Mazu circumnavigation event and clashed with the police. Six current criminals were arrested by the police on the spot. On the 10th, the police summoned Chang An-lo, who was the leader and coordinator at the scene.

Chang An-lo is one of the founders of the Bamboo Union Gang, a major gang in Taiwan. In recent years, Chang et al. have accepted the CCP’s bribes. At the end of 2019, Chang An-lo once claimed to “share a path with the CCP “. In January 2021, he clamored to set up a “red team” to revolt in Taiwan; making no secret of his identity as an internal partner of the CCP.

In response to the current loopholes in the law, DPP legislators Chiu, Chih-Wei and Lai, Jui-Lung proposed amendments to the “Reverse Infiltration Law” and “The Organized Crime Prevention Act” respectively on April 5th. It is recommended that political parties that cooperate with foreign hostile forces and influence national elections should be removed from the operation of their political parties and directly referred to the Constitutional Court. The violators will be severely punished. To ensure that the country’s constitutional order is not interfered with and to avoid endangering the country’s stability.

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