UN Humanitarian Officials Take A Stand On Bucha Incident

On April 7th, following an investigation of the killing of hundreds of civilians in Bucha near Kiev, UN Emergency Relief Coordinator and Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Martin Griffiths reiterated to Russia the UN’s core commitment to protect and assist civilians and to do what it can to help all those in need.

Also at the daily briefing, UN spokesman Stefan Dugalik pointed out that Griffiths saw a very scary sight during his visit to Bucha; countless bodies wrapped in plastic bags and dumped in a local mass grave, while dozens of apartment buildings and houses in the area were completely destroyed and cars on the streets were all burned.

Also according to the official UN website, after the investigation, Griffiths went from Bucha to Kiev to hear the views and concerns of local Ukrainians. They hope that a humanitarian ceasefire, safe transport, and evacuation routes can be established as soon as possible. In response, Griffiths said the UN would help Kiev rebuild its humanitarian base and leadership.On the same day, the World Health Organization also reported a grim statistic that since the beginning of the war, Ukraine has verified more than 100 attacks against local healthcare facilities, which have now resulted in 73 deaths and 51 injuries. Additionally, half of Ukraine’s pharmacies are expected to be forced to close as a result of the Russian invasion. More than a thousand other medical facilities are located near or in contested areas of war between Russia and Ukraine.

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