Tennessee To Give The Green Light To Ivermectin Use Without Prescription

According to a story by The Epoch Times on April 10th, 2022, it talks about how Tennessee may make ivermectin accessible without a prescription for treatment against COVID-19 if legislation that was approved in the Senate on April 6th is signed by Governor Bill Lee.
This has surely been a long time coming but Ivermectin has been proven on many occasions to be a massively successful treatment in the fight against the CCP virus. Billions of dollars have been spent on developing a rushed-to-market, relatively untested and still experimental vaccine when an incredibly cheap and readily available treatment was here all the time.

Maybe that was the problem all along, big pharma needed a new drug, a new so-called vaccine, a new way to earn money, and with the assistance of the mainstream media and weak complicit governments and administrations they got their wish.

“Ivermectin is one of the many therapeutic options, like vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, and anti-virals, that have proven to be effective in the treatment of COVID-19,” Republican state Senator Rusty Crowe, a co-sponsor of the bill, said in a statement. “This bill will provide for a safe and effective way for patients to quickly access ivermectin over the counter, and under the supervision of their pharmacists and the physician with whom the pharmacists have their collaborative agreement.

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