U.S. House of Representatives Pushes Bill to Assess if CCP Supported Russia

“Foreign media reported that the Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives introduced several bills on sanctions against Russia on April 5th, one of which was proposed by Republican Congressman Barr. The bill directly called for an assessment of how Xi Jinping intervened in and undermined U.S. sanctions against Russia.

The bill pointed out that President Biden had a call with Xi Jinping on March 18th, and warned him that if the Chinese Communist Party provides material support to Russia at the time of Russia’s brutal attacks on Ukrainian cities and civilians, it will face serious consequences.

Recently, the Chinese Communist Party and Russia have repeatedly stressed the need to develop strategic cooperation and bilateral relations. The United States has reasonable grounds to believe that the Chinese Communist Party is providing support to Russia in a certain situation. The bill requires the U.S. Department of State to submit a report to Congress within 30 days after the bill enters into force, indicating whether the Chinese Communist Party has provided assistance to Russia to help Russia evade international sanctions, and requires the State Department to update the report every 90 days.”

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