Game Company Epic Donates to Ukraine Relief

U.S. video game developer Epic Games announced on April 4 that it has pledged $144 million in revenue from its hit game “Fortnite” over a two-week period to humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine.

According to reports, Epic Games did not donate the entire amount to just one group, but separately to different relief efforts, including direct relief, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, UNICEF, and the World Food Program.

After Epic announced the donation on Twitter, Microsoft Xbox head Phil Spencer said, ” It’s awesome to see the gaming community making an impact outside of video games.”

In addition to Epic Games, Microsoft has also pledged to donate the net proceeds of all Fornite-related products purchased in the Microsoft Store over the past two weeks.

It was also reported that a growing number of companies, including Riot Games and Humble Bundle, have joined the campaign to raise charity funds for Ukraine.

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