Ukrainian Intends to Emulate the Israeli Security State with Military Conscription for All

“On April 5th, local time, according to Israeli media reports, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy pointed out that in terms of national security, Ukraine, after encountering Russian aggression, Ukraine will follow Israel’s example and implement a policy of conscription for all.

Zelenskyy said that security issues had become the top priority Ukraine must face in the next ten years. Therefore, he has discussed relevant plans with leaders of Western countries many times, and many Ukrainian allies have expressed their willingness to participate. In general, Zelenskyy hopes that many countries will provide national security assistance to Ukraine in the form of small groups.

Zelenskyy also admitted that Ukraine would not be as accessible or europeanized as expected in the future, but it would not become an autocratic country. In contrast, Ukraine will be more inclined to become a “great Israel”: in the case of a strong enemy, Ukraine must retain a more significant armed force to fight against two neighboring countries. To this end, all places in Ukraine will have armed national forces loaded with guns in the future.

The report also mentioned that Zelenskyy recently delivered a speech at the annual Kyiv Jewish Forum organized by the Ukrainian Jewish Community, saying that both Ukrainians and Jews treasure freedom. Furthermore, both parties are committed to making the country the way they love in the future, not what others expect.”

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