U.S.to Sanction Russia’s Largest Financial Institution, Ban Further Investments in Russia

“Washington DC, April 6th —The U.S. would ban further investments in Russia and impose severe financial sanctions on Russia’s largest financial institutions and state-owned enterprises. Meanwhile, those sanctions also applied to Russian government officials with their family members.

On April 6th, the White House issued a statement regarding the above sanctions due to Russia’s atrocities in Ukraine. The United States will comprehensively block two important financial institutions in Russia, Sberbank and the Alfa Bank. Their associating assets in the US will be frozen. Russian state-owned enterprises will no longer be able to trade with Americans.

In addition, President Biden will sign a new executive order barring Americans from making any new investments in Russia. Given the fact of over 600 multinational corporations to withdraw from Russia, this coming sanction will substantially undermine Russia’s global competitiveness through a complete financial isolation.

At the same time, the United States will also impose economic sanctions on the adult children of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the family members of Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.”

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