Latest Summary Of The Russia-Ukraine War Progress

“As of April 6 local time, Russian forces launched intensive shelling and air strikes on the city of Mariupol despite the organized defense of Ukrainian defenders, with the goal of destroying Ukrainian positions around the local Azov steel plant. At the same time, settlements in the Kharkiv region were subjected to continuous bombardment by Russian forces. And similar shelling and air strikes took place in Popasna and Rubizhne, where sources say that Russian troops also dropped petal mines.

On the other hand, Slavyansk, southeast of Izyum, is under frontal attack by the Russian 1st Guard Tank Army. Currently, Russian forces have taken control of the village of Brazhkivka, 25 kilometers southwest of Izyum, and a battalion-level tactical group of the 1st Tank Regiment of the 2nd Guards Infantry Division is attempting to capture the neighboring village of Snizhkivka. However, Russian forces have recently encountered head-on resistance from the U.S. Army on the road from Ijum directly to Slavyansk, and for this reason their progress in the area has been limited.

Also according to the Ukrainian side, Ukrainian forces are operating in the northeast of Kyiv and have regained control over part of the border in Chernihiv, as well as the capital Kyiv and Zhytomyr region. In this context, Russian troops have completely withdrawn from the Kyiv region. As for the Sumy region, the Russian forces there are still in the process of withdrawal, but it is possible that this part of the Russian army will still try to hold some forward positions near Sumy.

In addition, Russian forces are attempting again to seize Oleksandrivka, about 40 kilometers west of Kherson, but the operation has not seen any success so far.

And a Ukrainian military intelligence report also noted that Moscow authorities may soon send the 64th Motor Rifle Brigade of the 35th Army Group, which committed war crimes in Bucha, to the battlefield in eastern Ukraine. The sources believe that Russia is attempting to have members of the brigade involved in the crimes, as well as witnesses with knowledge of their war crimes, wiped out in the fighting with the Ukrainian army.”

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